Where should you focus in social media marketing?

If you aren’t marketing your business on social media platforms then you are missing out some major sales. While all platforms may seem very similar to the naked eye, when you are trying to promote your business, you’ll find that each is unique and has it’s own set of users. This means that you need to treat all outlets according to the needs and wants of the people who hang out on them.

Here are a few basic rules on how to treat the best social media hangout spots. And don’t forget, no matter what platform you choose, you have to be engaged and interactive, or people will lose interest in what you are putting out there.

Social Media Marketing


First, if you have a business – any business – you should have a Facebook page. With proper Facebook Marketing you can reach so many people of all ages, all backgrounds, and all levels of income. That being said, it mainly reaches an adult audience, so when you are deciding how you want your audience to respond, make sure you are focused on a group of people that have close relationships with those that are sharing, and trust each other. You don’t want to break that trust because that is what this system is based on, and has continued to grow on.


When you are marketing on Twitter know that it’s all about being short and sweet. This platform is about brevity, and it is generally dominated by a younger group of people. Find subtle and unique ways to incorporate your business into your feeds so you stand out from the rest.

Another important factor when it comes to Twitter is you can reach your customers fast and with a short spurt of words. It gets them engaged quickly, their questions answered, and then everyone can be on their way. When owning a business, this can be a great tool that is used for more than just putting yourself out there.

Google Plus

Google Plus is part of the social media world more than you think and it’s a very important platform to be part of. You will see more professionals and those involved in the technical side of the online industry being part of it. And the people who are engaged on Google Plus can extremely interactive and very detail oriented.


YouTube can be a very untapped resource by a lot of businesses. If your business involves a lot of tutorials and technical details that need to be explained in detail, then this is great way to get those ideas across to your audience. All ages are active on YouTube and it’s about putting your personality out there. You can market your YouTube channel by buying youtube views, likes and buy YouTube comments

Use them all

The companies that are incorporating social media into their marketing plans should be seeing some major results. If you aren’t, it’s time to enlist someone that can get you where you need to be. You want to be sure you are building your presence online, and that it is effective. You can be putting some amazing content out there, but if no one is seeing it then your efforts won’t be noticed. So be sure you have the followers you need to make it worth it.